Elite Medical Equipment LLC Complete Solutions, For surgical instrument storage and infection control products.

Optimize the sterile logistics flow between CSSD and the OR with Elite Medical Services solutions. We offered a unique transport and storage solution which drastically increases efficiency, organization, and patient safety.

Upgrade your facility with cutting edge solutions that meet AAMI, AORN and JACHO standards.

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·        Increase Inspection Control

·        Ensure Surgical Instrument Sterility

·        Optimize Patient Protection

·        Avoid wet packs.

·        Reduce tears, cuts and holes in the sterile wraps.

·        Save time through improved organization.

·        Reduce the risk of contamination.

·        Optimize the available space.

·        Choose your space saving storage.

·        Stagger investment if needed.

·        Save costs and increase patient safety.

·        Compatible open or closed transport solutions

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We provide sterile storage and transportation solutions specific to the OR environment from top name brands.

Increase efficiency & patient safety